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Mrs. Whatsit Called?


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A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L'Engle

In this blog, I am going to review a well-known classic book made by Madeleine L'Engle called "A Wrinkle in Time". I've read this book twice now, and I think this amazing book would be cherished the most by teens or adults who love fantasy and something unique to read.

In the book, the main character, Meg Murry awakens to a hurricane in the middle of the night while she is asleep her attic. When she wakes up, she goes downstairs for a midnight snack and discovers her 5 year old brother, Charles, is also awake in the kitchen. As they're snacking, a mysterious stranger Charles knows as Mrs. Whatsit takes a seat in the kitchen with the family. After saying she is there because "the wind blew her off course" she suddenly leaves the Murry household.

The next day, Charles tells Meg that he has something interesting to show her through the woods behind their house. They take their dog with them and, during the trip, the dog starts barking at something ahead of the two kids. They start to run as fast as they can to find out who or what it is. As they run, Meg begins to realize that the dog was only barking at a kid she knew from school named Calvin O'Keefe, who didn't seem important at the time. Meg and Charles then decide to bring him along to their strange destination, an old house where Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who and Mrs. Which are staying.

wrinkle in time book review, wrinkle in time uriel art picture, middle school reading list
Mrs. Whatsit's Planet, Uriel

After introductions, Mrs. Which transports the three children to a unique planet called Uriel, where the mysterious beings explain how they were able to travel to a planet so far away. They also tell them that Meg and Charles' father, who had been missing for a few years on Earth, is actually on a dark planet called Camazotz and being held captive by a monstrous being called "IT"...

I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars because it was incredibly imaginative describing contrasting worlds including a two dimensional world! The "Mrs. Whatsit and Co." ladies are a quirky addition who lead the story and take the kids on epic adventures. I also enjoyed how Mrs. Who always spoke in quotes including some verses from the Bible. Overall, I will probably pick up this book again, and strongly recommend readers to give it a try.

Please write in the comments what you would do if someone transported you to

a strange planet.

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