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Updated: Sep 21

In this post, I decided to do something other than talking about books and instead, entertain you with something funny. Below are some memes my mom made that were inspired by me and my reading habits. I thought this post would be a fun addition to the other inspirational things I've written on this blog. I love memes in general and think most of them have hilarious punch lines. Read on, and enjoy!

This is actually true! In fact, we have so many bookshelves littered around our house (mainly because of me), my mom and dad are planning to make a "book wall" instead.

This is how I've spent many beautiful days: reading in a dark room ALL DAY LONG.

This is exactly what my family thinks when they see me stack books like this around the house on a daily basis. I know book marks exist and laying books flat breaks their spine, but I can't help myself!... Plus I love the movie "Ghostbusters" so I think my mom really nailed this meme.

Please let me know which meme you thought was the funniest in the comments and look out for my next blog where I'll rate and review "The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells.

I ❤ Memes!

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