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DIY Slappy Halloween Costume

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

In this very special Halloween post, I want to share how I am going to make my own Slappy costume inspired by one of my favorite book series, Goosebumps. For those who don't know, Goosebumps is a horror series for kids and in the books, Slappy plays his role as a psychotic ventriloquist dummy who wants to rule the world. In the past, I've bought most of my costumes mainly from thrift stores, so making my own costume this year is a big step for me and my mom (who has been helping me put it all together).

book character costume for boys, diy goosebumps costume, how to make a slappy costume
Slappy Test Run for Trick-or-Treating

When I first thought of making my own costume, I thought Slappy's look would be easy and fun to recreate. Below you'll see a list and pictures of what I'm going to use to make my creepy dummy costume, as well as how much I paid and where I got each item.


I was nervous buying the suit would cost a lot of money or would be hard to find, but we were able to find a perfect match to what I was looking for on Facebook Marketplace for $15.


We found this item surprising quickly in our local Goodwill for only $1.99!


Strangely, we found the bow tie in the store Five Below for $3.50.


This red carnation was found in a bouquet at the Dollar Tree store - To create this carnation into a charming accessory, my mom cut the top off one of the flowers in the bunch and attached an alligator clip (she had on hand) to the back with glue. It was made to easily clip onto the left pocket of the suit without damaging the clothing itself.


After looking at some examples on Pintrest, my mom and I mainly used common make up she had on hand, but did use Funkee Monkee black face paint to brush on eye brows, freckles, and jaw line. The make up she chose for the rest of the face was a brown eye shadow to contour my face, some blush on my cheeks, and concealer over my eyebrows.

diy slappy costume from goosebumps, diy kids halloween costume, night of the living dummy
My Inspiration from R.L. Stine

Even though this costume might require some money and hard work, it will definitely be noticeable when Halloween comes around and most of the pieces can transition into everyday wear.

Please let me know in the comments if you have ever made your own costume or dressed up like a book character for Halloween.

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