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Cold, With A Lot Of Heart

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ In this Christmas themed blog, I’m going to write and review a well-renowned book by Charles Dickens called “A Christmas Carol”. Its become a movie to remember on screen to get you in the mood for the Christmas season, but if you take the time to read it, you'll find that it will definatly be worth your while. It’s known by many who have read it as a classic piece of literature and I absolutely agree with them. This novel is a fantasy that will make you think deeply about humanity, and it's best suited for middle schoolers, but will also be a captivating read for others outside that age group.

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Getting into the Spirit of Christmas

In the book, the main character, Ebenezer Scrooge, is told to be one of the most unfeeling people in the world, especially around Christmas time, because to him, money is the only thing that matters. Greed and heartlessness has taken over him early in his life, and now money is all that he cares about. As a result, he pays his employees little, although he is wealthy, and refuses to waste time and money to celebrate the Christmas holiday because he thinks that it's an absolute “humbug”. One year, while Scrooge is at home alone on Christmas Eve, he sees the ghost of his old business partner, Jacob Marley, whose spirit is covered in a large chain to weigh him down. The frightening apparition warns Scrooge that he must wear the chain in death that he forged in life, and that Scrooge’s already has a "ponderous chain". He also says that in order for him to have a chance to change his ways, he will be visited by three spirits during the night. He then tells his old friend to expect the first spirit at one o’clock and mysteriously disappears. Confused, Scrooge goes to bed, only to awaken at the clock chiming one... I would give "A Christmas Carol" 5 out of 5 stars because it makes you feel like you’re in the story, smiling and mourning with the characters. When you read this book, you laugh along with Scrooge’s kind nephew and pity for the poor Cratchit family just as you would if you were really there.

I was also pleasantly surprised that the author published this story so long ago in 1843 because the story is still so popular today, reaching all age groups with different film versions.

Here are some movie versions I would recommend watching this Christmas with your family:

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Mickey's Christmas Carol :

This movie is the perfect introduction for kids in the Pre-K to Elementary school age.

(currently streaming through Disney +)

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The Muppet Christmas Carol :

This version follows the classic pretty close but has some hilarious Muppet moments

thrown in! It's great for all ages, especially the young at heart.

(also currently streaming through Disney +)

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A Christmas Carol (starring George C. Scott) :

This movie is my favorite version because it's very realistic and captures the story perfectly including a joyful ending. This one is more serious than the others and would be great for older kids and adults.

(currently streaming on Hulu Premium and Sling Premium)

Lastly, I enjoyed how the author was able to show precisely how a man can fall into deep sin at a young age, but then be redeemed by the truth later in life. If we compare Scrooge’s heart to a river, you can see how the metaphorical river gets polluted by the sins of Scrooge’s father and the temptation of money. This pollution sets the river on an "unclean" path which in turn starts polluting other streams it comes in contact with such as the Cratchit family, particularly Tiny Tim, and Scrooge's nephew. The redeeming thing about this story is in the end, the "river" becomes refined and cleansed through the knowledge of the truth which in turn creates a clean source for all the other streams it once was polluting.

To me, the reason why "A Christmas Carol" has kept being a Christmas classic all these years is because it's a good example of what God has already done and can do for all of us, even the ones who seem hopeless. Just like Scooge, our hearts have become "polluted" and all we have to do is be humble enough to want to see the truth and accept the help God has already given us.

In the comments below, let me know what about this story connects you to the Christmas holiday?

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