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Caring a Whole Awful Lot

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

"UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." - Dr. Seuss

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This is Why I Blog...

When you go through life, there are some things you love but UNLESS you are ready to make sacrifices, you won't get any better in the area you care about. The quote above from "The Lorax" by Dr. Seuss speaks to me that in life, you've got to care a "whole awful lot" about certain things to make them come true and meaningful in your life. For that to happen, you need to not only care, but care enough to allow yourself become better, which always comes with some sacrifices.

For example, in my life, I'm very passionate about books in general and specifically sharing my thoughts about them on this blog to whoever takes the time to read it. I started this site because I wanted to inspire people to not only read certain books, but also to encourage reading habits for young and old people alike. The reason I focus so much on books is because I've found I can learn a lot about how to live life as a better role model from a book's content or even from meaningful quotes I can apply to my daily life. I hope as I continue to read, I can be a better role model for my little sister so that she can follow in my footsteps, and to be a better person especially to the people I love.

So far, I feel like I have been getting better and better as I go from post to post to hopefully, one day, reach my full potential as a blogger. I think I've been doing better because, like in the quote above, I have been caring a "whole awful lot" and I've treated each post like a labor of love. Comparatively from my first posts, I've found my blogging has been getting more and more descriptive of how I'm feeling, and more to the point of what I want to share with my audience. While my writing is improving, taking the time to fully care does take sacrifice and hard work.

the lorax unless picture, unless someone like you cares a whole aweful lot
Unless Ebenezer from The Lorax

Even though I enjoy reading, to do this blog I've found I have to sacrifice time I could be spending playing the Nintendo and it also requires a lot of effort. At times, it's difficult to work out the right words and frustrating to come up with good topics and layouts. But to get what I envision for this blog, I have to give it my all each time I write or else it won't get any better. Like Dr. Seuss says, it just won't.

Though it may be hard the first time you try, if you really care and put your mind to what you want to accomplish, you will not only succeed, you'll become a better person for the effort! Be the UNLESS!

Please let me know what you care a "whole awful lot" about in the comments and what you had to sacrifice along the way.

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